Why conscious consumerism is more than buzz words

Quick read:

  • Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the ethical, social and environmental impact of their buying habits.

  • They expect authenticity and transparency from the brands they support and will only support those whose values align with theirs.

  • To ensure brand loyalty, it’s important to remain transparent about your offering.


Digital technology has changed the face of consumerism.

We can buy a product from the other side of the world and have it delivered the next day such is the speed of the technology we live with.

However, the down side of such convenience is the social, ethical and environmental impact today’s fast paced consumerism is having on our world with many of us questioning the value we put on material possessions.

Together with an increasing desire to live a more simple life, there is a rising tide of change as people embrace minimalism in response to the all-consuming passion to possess. They want to consume less and live more with only the things they really need.

We are seeing consumers become more aware of the effect their purchasing decisions have on the world and seeking ways in which they can minimise the negative impact of consumerism. They are developing a more thoughtful approach to buying and are happy to pay more for a product that is ethically and socially responsible.

Consumers want to support brands whose values align to their own and with the increasing power of social media, they can now gather online, share information and demand social change from the companies they are buying from.

As a business it’s more important than ever to be clear and honest in your mission and earn your customers trust and brand loyalty by creating an authentic story that demonstrates your commitment to the world around you.


Changing consumer mindsets

The digital age has brought with it a new level of openness and transparency and in the process, changed the mindset of customers.

They no longer expect just a product or service demanding authenticity based on a desire to know the story behind a brand. Consumers want to make positive decisions about what they’re buying and whom they’re buying from.

The pressure on brands will only continue to grow as consumers insist on understanding a company’s position on issues such as employee conditions, commitment to the environment, political affiliations and gender equality.

Therefore being an authentic brand and connecting with your audience is more important than ever.


Brands with purpose

In the not to distant future, brands will need to define what they stand for and communicate this publicly. As a business, it’s therefore essential that you respond to the demand for transparency by being totally open and honest about your social, environmental and ethical practices.

Consumers want to support brands with purpose. Companies that add meaning by giving back and connecting with customers on an emotional level are the ones that are going to grow and prosper.

As a business this might mean giving back to your local community or establishing environmental and sustainable practices that benefit society and have long lasting effects on the world.

To ensure you stay ahead of the game you need to work out your how. Start with a clear company philosophy that explains your purpose. Find a local cause that aligns with your brand and create a story that resonates with consumers.


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Charlotte James