How do you retain customers?

Quick read:

  • The brand journey you take your customers on is as imperative as the uniqueness and quality of the products/services you offer.
  • Much of what we strive for in business is founding and strengthening brand loyalty. The deep-rooted desire people have to purchase your service/product over any other offers countless benefits.
  • But how do you stay top-of-mind for your customer’s purchases? An exceptional retention marketing strategy will become a devoted friend to your business’ goals.
  • There are many ways to create a powerful retention strategy for your business, but the pace and track you take must be defined by your customers and the connection they have to your brand.
  • Often it takes a second set of eyes that live outside your business to find the gaps and fill these with authentic and meaningful communication.

The relationship you share with your customers is your greatest asset.

One of the most beneficial, cost-effective and easiest ways to keep your business growing is to give your existing customers reason to come back. But it’s not easy. Innovation, a multichannel approach, proactivity and a complete understanding of your customer’s behaviours will provide the mechanics to your success.

So how does your business retain customers?



Do you always drink coffee from the same barista? Or buy your clothes from the same shop?

If so, why?

Understanding this affiliation and loyalty you have for the brands you love will help you gain an appreciation for the relationship you have with your customers.

Being top-of-mind and the their first pick is only possible through a compelling marketing strategy, quality product and customer retention efforts.

But brand loyalty should be the goal of every business.  


  • Because it ensures you have customers coming back to your business and regularly purchasing your products and services.
  • It allows you to rethink your pricing and set it at a higher value that you know your customers will pay.
  • If you are a product-based business, brand loyalty reduces the cost of production because the volume of sales you achieve is higher.
  • With customers already on board, it helps you to redirect some of your marketing spend elsewhere.
  • Loyal customers will become brand ambassadors for your products/services, adding third part credibility and adding strength to your messages.
  • Brand loyalty helps you to experiment with new products. As your customers have a full appreciation for the value of your products, they are more likely to embrace any new items and services.
  • Loyal customers spend more on your products/services.

But without the proper approach to retaining customers and keeping them engaged throughout their relationship with you, your business will start to become like a squeaky wheel…with much holding you back from reaching the full speed you are working so hard towards.



The uniqueness and meaningfulness of your products or services should be delivered in a way that builds happiness in your customers from the moment they come across your brand, through the purchase process and beyond. Their experience with you should be first-class, positive and beneficial at every step.

Exceptional retention marketing thrives on personalisation and bringing a unique voice to your brand, customer journey and product visuals. Great marketing will help get your customers through the door and then make them feel an attachment, affiliation and desire on a deeper level that encourages them to stay, pull up a chair and listen.

A comprehensive retention marketing strategy can offer much to your business, including:

  • Saving you the costs of replacing customer gaps in your numbers and therefore any damage to your profit by identifying points along the customer journey that are causing leakage.
  • Taking that initial sale to the next level and backing this with a sophisticated and personalised program of communication that keeps them engaged at every level. So many businesses we see manage the initial sell well, but miss the opportunities to maintain that relationship through follow-up marketing using the right channels.
  • Helping you approach your current customers the right way to encourage further purchases or participation in your business.
  • Giving you the skillset and capabilities to take your good customer service level to phenomenal. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of the business and energetic service approaches backed by a unique and well-built identity and quality products/services will enrich this experience.
  • Providing guidance for the launch of a new product/service to ensure it garners the success you aspire towards and is well received by your current and potential customers.
  • Creating a process of encouraging and gathering customer feedback and using this in the right way to inspire others to take favour towards your products/services.Advising marketing personal touches, gifts and recognition that will inspire a greater connection between your brand and your customers.
  • Providing a channel to build trust and respect through targeted communicationForums like blogs and social media are gold when it comes to portraying the expertise and the level of understanding you have for your customers. Unfortunately many unequipped businesses struggle to implement these themselves and experience their efforts fizzle out at the end.


Often, it takes a second set of eyes and ones that live outside of your business to identify the gaps of your customer’s journey and fill these with authentic and unique communication that confirms that exceptional, brand loyalty-building experience you strive for.

And we have plenty of inspired creative ready to lend their eyes to help.

Let’s chat about how we can help save you costs by retaining your current customers.

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