How does your
business do business differently?


  • Finding and sticking with your uniqueness is imperative. Telling the individual stories through all marketing mediums is your key to creating a consistently powerful brand.
  • The future consumer expects so much more from companies than just a service and/or a product. They are savvy buyers who research your company from various platforms before making a decision as to your authenticity.
  • Futuristic businesses are creating a unique framework to pitch themselves clearly in the competitive market space. They are using multi-channels to spread their story.

There is no one way to do business.

In fact, there is so much creativity, innovation and out of the box thinking by business leaders and entrepreneurs today that a ‘right way’ no longer exists. The smart way is the aim of the game and technology has been the main reason for the dramatic changes to businesses in the past 10 years.

In our business, translating the facts of sales and attributing this back to the marketing vehicle, the design and the messaging gives us great insight in to consumer behaviour and the pace at which change of that behaviour is happening. We have witnessed that consumers are now much more inclined to do business where they can clearly understand the story and intentions of a business. Transparency through story is a form of magic we have witnessed take over the world since the web came in to play.

But nevertheless, much of what lies ahead for businesses is grounded on their purpose and how they deliver that to their internal and external customers...because the future consumer (and even the consumer of today) expects so much more from you than just a service and/or a product. With so many options, the choice is theirs.

In fact, more than half of people surveyed globally in Nielsen’s corporate social responsibility survey (2014)* said they are willing to pay extra for products and services from companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact.

That’s an increase in 50% since the same question was asked two years earlier.

Consumers today are led by a sense of purpose and the influences their decisions can create. Consumers are becoming more aware of what impact their buying habits create.

That’s a phenomenal shift on the quality, value and profit that businesses have solely spent their focus and resources on in the past.


Businesses today are innovating, leading and inspiring change by finding ways to work that allow them to both grow profit and generate social value.

These ethical and socially responsible businesses are the changemakers that inspire others.

Think big businesses like Nike, TOMS and Google or amazing local businesses like Being More Human and Finding Yellow.

Their framework for success based on doing good has not only brought in profit and loyalty from their customers, it has helped them establish a brand and a purpose that people respect and seek. It’s given them the ability to stand against the tests of time.


There are many inspirational and sustainable businesses taking action to have a real impact on the lives of people around the world.

Opportunities for companies to ‘go green’ or ‘make a difference’ are all around us. However, to take advantage of this framework successfully, you need to have a complete appreciation for your brand and your business’ purpose.

It’s through this understanding that you will be able to find a cause that matches your goals and create a story that your customers will listen to, respect and trust.

If you’ve already established a new framework for your business that is built on an ethical and social purpose, we’d love to hear about it.

If you haven’t yet found your way but aspire to bring ethical and sustainable practices into your business framework, we’d love to chat.

Call our Chief, Xanthe on 0467 9424 08 or email

*Nielsen, 2014, ‘Doing Well By Doing Good’.