Why is it worth investing in unique design and branding?

Quick read:

  • Branding is one of the most valuable assets to your business.
  • Not all branding is the same.
  • Clever design and branding stays true to your purpose and story, while making a great first impression and lasting impact.
  • You’ll attract the right customers, have room to move, save on costs and build brand loyalty.

We live in a fast-paced world. One filled with businesses striving do something to stand out and capture the split-second attention spans of today’s potential customers.

It’s a challenging environment and it takes something special, resonating, innovative and exciting to give your business edge over competitors.

To discover your full purpose.

To grow and succeed.

This is where clever branding comes in…

Branding is one of the most valuable assets for your business. That truth spans any industry, location, vision and business type – from large corporations to smaller startups and everything in between – and extends to every area of your business – from how you speak and what you wear to the way you engage and inform your customers.

Your brand tells a story of who you are, the products/services you offer and the unique audience you cater for. It’s a promise you make to yourself, your staff and customers.  

We’re often moving so fast in business that we struggle to find the time to really understand and appreciate our purpose, services/products and customer, and how that relationship should look. Instead, we opt for the easier choice… a quick fix.

While every business can have a brand, not all branding is the same.

Generic is not a good look for your business. In fact, generic design for your brand will only get you so far. It doesn’t connect you with your customer in a way that unique branding can. It doesn’t create trust, loyalty and respect. It’s not intuitive to progressing your business and achieving success.

Make a great first impression and lasting impact through captivating branding and design.

The meaningful benefits of clever branding are countless. The value it adds to your people and customers will grow as your business does...

And so too will your business grow as your brand does.

Be remembered…

Much of what drives customers to choose your business is based on memory, and there are many things at play to tap into that area of your customer’s mind. Engaging, authentic, unique branding delivered in the right way at the right time is so important. It creates trust, interest, captures attention and is memorable.

Attract the right customers…

By being authentic to your purpose and unique in the approach to your branding and design, you’ll start attracting the customers that you want to attract.

This simply means that the return on your investment is truly in line with your goals, mission and vision. It means you won’t waste your time or resources on customers that don’t fit your ideal, and they won’t waste theirs either.

As well, the right customers will enjoy a closer bond with your brand and products/services, meaning they are more likely to come back time and time again plus recommend you to other like-minded people/businesses.

A well-established and clever brand gives you room to move…

Quality branding helps build trust and loyalty in your services and products. You become the go-to source to fulfill the specific needs of your customers.

This brand loyalty creates an opportunity for you to introduce new products/services to the marketplace. Because your customers already know and believe your current offering, they’re more likely to try any new ideas you put forward.

Nevertheless, it’s important to use clever design and marketing to ensure this is done in a way that inspires and enthuses current customers and welcomes new ones.

By investing in good branding, you’ll actually lower your marketing expenses…

A successful and clever brand will naturally grow overtime and sell itself. Once your clever branding comes to life, consistency and interesting design will help sell your products/services without having to reassess and reinvest in a new direction to tell your story.

By investing in the right approach once, you’ll save costs and resources that would otherwise be wasted trying to get it right many times.

And that’s where we can help.

Our tribe of professionals use raw instinct to creating captivating brands. 
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Charlotte James