An inspiring group of extraordinary thinkers, stretching creative boundaries to produce memorable branding. 
We do things a little differently at Tribe. In fact, you won't find an agency like us elsewhere. The word Tribe signifies unity, coming together for the greater good and the creation of a passionate community. We are a collective group of designers, creators and stylists working to create hand crafted brands and deliver captivating brand marketing and management. The people of Tribe Hunter have been handpicked based not only on their professional skills, but their values and beliefs. 


At Tribe, we create captivating brands that drive focus and end in results. We place great importance on working with people who care about others.  We choose to work with passionate change makers who aim to be leaders in their fields and create a difference in the world.


Tribe Hunter believes that we will truly benefit all who come into contact with us. We are honest (to a fault) and make promises to not only our clients, but also to ourselves and each other to always be authentic. We ask that the clients who choose us also act with genuine care and authenticity for all our Tribe too.

Collaborative minds and hearts

The Tribe support each other. We work together for the greater good of all involved. This is achieved through open and honest communication, unrelated to egos. Employees will need to demonstrate this ability to collaborate, and our clients will sense and benefit from this collaboration. We recognise that when people feel supported and appreciated they feel motivated and safe to think and act big.

The Tribe leads the way in providing brand solutions through our strategic techniques and unique creative offerings. Both difficulties and opportunities are approached with innovative thinking and a “can do” attitude – nothing is impossible (well almost). We are creative in our problem solving and leaders in our thinking. Our instincts allow us to know the end business/consumer and therefore create and deliver brands on target.

We are leaders in our field. We walk the walk and talk the talk. We build a positive environment for the people who work under the Tribe Hunter name and for those who come as clients to share their journey. Our aim is to always work to our passions and to inspire ourselves, and our fellow Tribe members, which includes both employees and clients. We always retain a think big attitude and don’t allow ourselves to sweat the small stuff (well, for very long anyway).

We don't only grow brands, we also grow people. We want to expand and push ourselves in all areas for our own personal growth and the people who choose to be our clients. Decisions will also need to have a positive economic outcome, which, in turn creates growth and inspires our team and our clients, therefore increasing the Tribe ripple effect.