We offer full or part branding serviceS, including website and online profiles, logos, uniforms, interiors/exteriors AND naming.

strategic techniques and unique creative DIRECTION

leaders in our thinking AND TREND FORECASTING

create and deliver CAPTIVATING brands on target

ability to collaborate


retain a think big attitude



Interior design is the art of coordinating decorative elements to aesthetically enhance a space. The environments in which we live and work influence our mood, well-being and energy, with colour schemes, furniture and accents playing important roles in shaping our space.

Tribe Hunter incorporates creative and technical solutions to transform an office, home or outdoor area into an inspiring and creative space, one that fits within your vision, brand and budget. 



We offer a full range of branding services that include design and development of a brand or a full rebrand. Every project is different and we believe it's important to tailor each project to suit it's owner's passions and ambitions.


Professional photography is the art, science, and practice of creating professional quality images. Images can be created that captivate its audience and distinguish the idea, message or business from competitors.

Tribe Hunter provides professional photography and shoots by implementing a high degree of creativity and intricacy. We pay attention to every detail, as we believe a picture can speak a thousand words. Images can be produced in order to suit the theme of your business whilst also incorporating an unrivalled edge.


Despite the world going digital, print materials play an important part of an organisations branding. From stationary and business cards to brochures and newsletters, these communication pieces are key to conveying key messages clearly and concisely.

Tribe Hunter works with you to determine your key messages, then designs and writes compelling literature that stands out and gets your target audience to keep reading. Our collateral designs are creative and visually appealing, telling your story consistently.  


A personal style is defined by your interests, lifestyle and clothing and is well worth the effort to define it. Colours conveys many different meanings, so your colour palette and range needs to reflect your brand and positioning.

At Tribe Hunter, we believe your personal style should match your personality and clothing colours be reflective of your brand. We have worked to create progressive and unique team uniforms as well as personal, team and workplace styling. It all comes across as subtle, but what it communicates is a concise and powerful brand.



Strategic marketing should form the basis of all your marketing activities and it must be the first step to implementing successful marketing in any business. Coordinating your marketing and other business activities is critical to eliminating interference and maximising your profits.

Tribe Hunter specialises in strategic marketing. We ensure that all marketing activities tie intrinsically to the overall goals of the business whilst sustaining a high level of transparency with the marketing plan. 


The sales process often starts with the eyes and merchandising is important to present your products in a visually stimulating way using space and staging in store. Effective merchandising will result in increased sales, faster turnover, consumer endorsed public branding opportunity, satisfied customers and increased customer loyalty.

Tribe Hunter ensures that the brand reinforces the same message across all access points, including the spaces it utilises. Our team is highly skilled in creating stunning displays for brands, leading to amazing satisfaction and success.


Tribe Hunter offers complete management and promotions for any business or social events to our clients. We wield our creativity and uniqueness to captivate the attendees, thus forming unforgettable moments. It is these moments that will form the basis for a loyal community or flow of customers and clients for your business.


A powerful conversion and engagement tool, videos are an important part of the strategic marketing plan. Recent stats show that including video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%1. 

Tribe Hunter produces professional cutting edge videos that beautifully tell your brand story, explain your value proposition and build relationships with your customers and prospects. Using thoughtful images, compelling sound bites and contemporary music, we integrate the essence of your business into short videos.


Point-of-sale materials help your product stand out from the competition in the cluttered retail space. Easily communicate a sales promotion, new product or key benefit to consumers to drive sales and awareness. Display stands, window decals, product tags and stickers are just some of the materials we can produce.

Tribe Hunter knows design and using these principles, creates original and visually appealing point-of-sale materials to make your brand pop!



Social media has evolved the way in which the world can be reached and messages can grasp unique target audiences. Programs such as Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and so forth, have enabled such possibilities. For businesses to remain one step ahead and unrivalled, these opportunities must be capitalised.

Tribe Hunter’s social media team acknowledges that your social spending must become a sales investment. We utilise social to drive lead acquisition as well as to grow an engaged and enthusiastic community. As social media never rests, nor do we; maintaining posts, updates comments and more in order to satisfy your audience and customers.



A good design will be easy to understand and navigate, helping potential customers find what they need and taking you one step closer to making a sale or getting in touch.

Tribe Hunter designs and creates websites which are simultaneously interactive and delightful for browsers and customers. Our web design team delivers eminent design elements whilst maintaining succinct functionality within each individual page.


Graphic design uses all kinds of visual tools to build a picture of your organisation, and to bring the customer closer to your purpose. Graphic design will drive advertising and attract potential customers to your brand.

Great design is at the heart of Tribe Hunter. We have a team of enthusiastic and creative graphic designers – constantly inspiring and challenging one another to produce their best. Tribe Hunter’s graphic design is created using the latest techniques, and the oldest, depending on the desired audience.