I love blending mediums like photography, styling, painting and digital editing to really get my creative juices flowing.
— Ellyse


Ellyse grew up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and moved to Newcastle at the ripe age of 21 to undertake a Bachelor of Visual Communication Design at the University of Newcastle, having already gained a Certificate of Colour and Design, and Diploma of Interior Styling. She was fortunate enough to gain a scholarship in her second year and headed over to America for a semester, travelling for 12 weeks through 33 States and 3 Canadian Provinces beforehand. Upon her return for her final year of University, Ellyse met and fell in love with the man of her dreams, Cameron. Once graduated, they decided to take a punt at living in Melbourne, adding to their little family with a Schnocker Puppy, who they named Gizmo. Ultimately, the beauty and lifestyle Newcastle offers has called them back and they are so glad to be "home" again.
An avid traveller, Ellyse took Cam on his first two international holidays, and Cam proposed in Queenstown, New Zealand on New Years Eve 2015. Lucky for him, Ellyse had been planning for this day since she was a kid, and has a particular affinity for weddings, events and interiors. She has tailored her creative skills over the years in graphic design, styling, photography and arts, and thrives on the "out-of-the-ordinary". With interests in colour psychology, metaphor and the unspoken word, she loves creating atmosphere and deeper meaning to build a strong and engaging brand for our clients.


I'm inspired heavily by nature and music. I've always felt that Mother Nature is our greatest artist. From the coastline, to the desert, to the mountains and all the colours created by the weather and seasons - it's hard not to be inspired! There is also beauty in musical and lyrical sound that can spark an idea and open the imagination.


White, with the tea bag left in and the tag wrapped around the handle. And according to my fiancé, I frown if he makes me tea and the temperature isn't comparable to that of the "depths of hell!".


After busy, constructive days, I love snuggling up on our big comfy coach with my boys. Creativity effects my life wholeheartedly and I love designing my home and creating warm spaces for all of us to enjoy, and the best thing about that is that our home is special; a private sanctuary just for us. It's also where I can potter and tinker, and test out my own creative ideas